How to choose welding glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-25
Enterprises and units must strengthen education and training for employees to wear and use protective glasses correctly, and supervise and inspect employees to wear and use protective glasses correctly. So, how to choose welding glasses? Let's take a look at the labor protection safety knowledge with everyone. The material of the welding goggles is vinyl resin. Its inner lens is transparent, while the outer lens is a colored inorganic glass. So, how to choose welding glasses? Choose the method of welding glasses: First, look at the materials 1. The material for making welding glasses should have a certain strength, considerable elasticity, and moderate rigidity; 2. The materials used to make the welding glasses cannot be harmful to the skin, nor are they flammable. Just big); 3. The material texture of the goggles head of the welding glasses should be quite soft, and the use time should be relatively long; Second, look at the structure 1. The surface of the welding glasses should be very smooth, free of burrs and sharp angles, and not have other defects that can cause facial discomfort; 2. The parts of the welding glasses should be relatively easy to replace, and the adjustable parts should also be very flexible; 3. Welding glasses should have very good breathability; 4. Welding glasses are mostly dark, because dark-colored lenses can better block harmful substances to the eyes, so as to protect the eyes. Protective glasses maintenance methods: 1. Special lens cleaning cloth for lens cleaning. 2. When the lens is wetted by rain or sweat, immediately wipe it clean in one direction with the lens cleaning cloth; 3. Do not place the glasses in a humid environment and direct sunlight to avoid damage to the lens; 4. Take off the mirror with both hands, take it lightly, put the lens upward when it is placed, it is best to put it in the mirror box when not in use; 5. The frame is not tight enough or the screws are loose, so it should be adjusted in time. 6. The coated lens has high definition, and must not contact organic solvents, oil, sweat acid, high temperature, chemicals and hard objects, otherwise it will easily damage the lens film, affecting the clarity and beauty. 7. After using the protective glasses every day, please rinse with clean water in time, and wipe the water beads with a special lens cleaning cloth to prolong the life of the glasses.
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