How to choose protective glasses?

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-25
Protective eyewear can effectively block human injury accidents, is beneficial to the physical safety and life health of workers, and is an important measure to protect the personal safety and health of employees. So, how to choose protective glasses? Let's take a look at the labor protection safety knowledge with everyone. Protective glasses can play a certain role in protecting the health of workers, which in turn promotes the production safety of enterprises. So, how to choose protective glasses? How to choose protective glasses: Protective eyewear is a kind of glasses with special functions, and the glasses with different needs in different occasions are used. Such as surgical glasses for hospitals, welding glasses for electric welding, laser protective glasses for laser engraving, etc. Protective glasses, also known as labor protection glasses, are divided into safety glasses and protective masks. Their role is to protect the eyes and face from electromagnetic waves such as ultraviolet, infrared and microwave radiation, dust, smoke, metal and sand debris, and chemical solutions. Sputtering damage. In fact, there are many types of protective glasses, including dust-proof glasses, impact-proof glasses, chemical-resistant glasses, and anti-light radiation glasses. The first three glasses look like the lenses are colorless glass, but in fact, due to the different protective effects, the characteristics of the lenses are obviously different. Dustproof glasses are used in environments with a lot of dust, and the general lens fastness requirements are not high. No matter the eye mask type or the flat mirror type, they are made of general flat glass lenses. The anti-impact glasses are used to prevent the small particles from flying out from piercing the eyes. The lenses require impact resistance. For example, the lathes, sanders and stone workers should wear anti-impact glasses. The iron sand and crushed stone are smashed when they strike the glasses, and the eyes will be more damaged. The lenses of chemical-resistant glasses are resistant to acids, alkalis, and corrosion, which is not available in other glasses. Workers engaged in electric welding, gas welding, steel making, and glass blowing should wear anti-arc radiation glasses. However, the lenses of arc-proof radiation glasses have dark and light colors, which are designed according to different requirements. The selection should be based on the strength of the arc during operation. The intensity of the arc and the color should be deep; otherwise, light-colored lenses should be selected. If the arc light is strongly worn with light-colored goggles, part of the infrared rays will be stimulated by the lens to recover and damage the eyes, and occupational cataracts will occur in the long-term. On the contrary, the arc light is weak and long-term wearing of dark protective glasses will greatly reduce vision.
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