How to choose protective glasses?

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-16
In the entire eye and face protection product system, the most widely used is the protective glasses. Protective glasses are not only suitable for industrial environments, but also suitable for daily life. For example, riding, mountain climbing, etc. need a pair of glasses that can withstand wind and ultraviolet rays. So how to choose professional protective glasses? Before buying protective eyewear, you must first think about what it is to withstand. For example, experimenters need chemical and splash-proof protective glasses to prevent unexpected chemical splashes; scrubbers need impact-proof and dust-proof protective glasses to withstand all kinds of iron sand and gravel flying shots; outdoor riding needs wind and UV Protective glasses to resist the inconvenience caused by the strong sun. In short, only one principle is needed to choose protective glasses: buy on demand. Many small partners do not know much about the anti-fog and anti-shock functions of protective glasses. Let me explain with examples. Anti-fog protective glasses can ensure that our vision is clear in environments with large differences between cold and heat, for example, from a cold outdoor to a warm indoor (many friends who wear myopia glasses should have a deep experience). Anti-shock protective glasses can protect the eyes when facing high-speed particles. For example, during the scrub operation, a lot of iron filings will be generated. These iron filings will hurt our eyes in minutes, so it is necessary to wear protective glasses that can prevent impact .
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