How to carry out effective laser protection

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-25
How to carry out effective laser protection has become a matter of great concern to people, and countries have formulated laser protection standards accordingly. There are many types of laser goggles, with different materials, different principles, and different applications. What do laser protective glasses need to pay attention to in daily life? Therefore, to provide effective protection to the laser, the laser protective glasses must be reasonably selected according to the specific use requirements. When selecting protective glasses, first determine the maximum irradiance or maximum irradiance of the laser output according to the maximum output power (or energy), beam diameter, pulse time and other parameters of the laser used. Then, the laser protective glasses determine the minimum optical density required for the glasses according to the maximum allowable irradiation amount (eye exposure limit) of the corresponding wavelength and irradiation time, and select the appropriate laser protective glasses accordingly. The specific conditions for selection are: 1. The maximum 1 irradiance Hmax (J / m2) or the maximum 1 irradiance Emax (W / m2); 2. Specific protection wavelength; 3. The minimum required optical density Dmin of the laser protective glasses at the corresponding protection wavelength; 4. Non-uniformity, asymmetry of laser protective lens, angle effect of incident light, etc .; 5. Resistance to laser radiation; 6. Visible light transmittance of laser protective glasses; 7. Structure and shape of laser protective glasses. Only with laser goggles can we better maintain the glasses. What should be paid attention to in daily life? And there are many types and types of protective glasses. When we buy laser protective glasses in our daily life, we must choose a protective goggles suitable for ourselves.
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