How is the development of laser protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-25
What is the development of laser protective glasses in the aesthetic medicine 1 treatment industry? The photon beauty technology spectrum is a continuous strong pulse light spectrum, including visible light, that is, colored light, ultraviolet light, and near infrared. Therefore, photon beauty is also called glare or color light beauty, the English abbreviation is IPL. By selecting a strong pulse spectrum strong light of a specific wavelength band, for example, the spot-removing skin rejuvenation usually uses a strong pulse color light of 560nm-1200nm; the red blood stripping uses 580-1200nm; How is the development of laser protective glasses in the aesthetic medicine industry? Because the yellow filter tube and filter (crystal) in the IPL equipment usually filter out the ultraviolet rays, there are very few ultraviolet components in the output spectrum of the IPL. Therefore, the main cause of damage to human eyes in the IPL glare is the glorious light and invisible near-infrared light (800-1200nm). Among them, especially the invisible near-infrared strong light. The hazards of blue light As early as 1966, Nell et al. Found that blue light irradiation can cause damage to the omentum cells of vision 1, resulting in decreased or even lost vision. Among them, the short-wave blue light with a wavelength of 400-450 nanometers is the most harmful to the retinal 1 omentum. In the 2010 annual meeting of the International Light Association, the world's top 1 sharp optical experts unanimously pointed out: short-wave blue light has extremely high energy and can penetrate the lens directly to the retinal 1 retina. Radiation of blue light on the ocular retina will produce free radicals, and these free radicals will cause the death of the pigment epithelial cells of the ocular retina. The decay of the epithelial cells will lead to the lack of nutrients in the light-sensitive cells and cause visual damage, and these damages are irreversible.
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