How important is suitable laser glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-13
??The eyes are our own. We only have one pair. Please treat it kindly. In different industries, laser goggles play a most important step in protecting our eyes. It can help us prevent some laser damage to our eyes during use. Reduce the damage to the eyes, allow more laser protective glasses to be integrated into more operations, and help more people no longer be affected by the laser, so the editor recommends us to use our laser protective glasses. The quality of the heart has become a little helper for our protective glasses. There are many types of laser protective glasses, the materials used are different, the principles are different, and the application is different. Therefore, in order to provide useful protection to the laser, the laser protective glasses must be properly selected according to the detailed application request. When selecting protective glasses, the maximum output power (or energy), beam diameter, pulse time and other parameters of the laser to be used to determine the maximum irradiance or maximum irradiance of the laser output. Then, determine the minimum optical density required for the glasses according to the corresponding wavelength and the maximum allowable irradiation amount (eye-light limit) at the moment of irradiation, and select the appropriate protective glasses according to this. ??The detailed conditions for selection are: ??1. Maximum irradiance Hmax (J / m2) or maximum irradiance Emax (W / m2); ?2. Specific protection wavelength; ?3. The required minimum optical density value Dmin at the corresponding protection wavelength; ???4. Non-uniformity, asymmetry of protective lenses, viewpoint effect of incident light, etc .; ?5. Ability to resist laser radiation; ???6. Visible light transmittance; ?7. Structure and appearance. Laser protective glasses, laser protective glasses, laser glasses, laser protection, protective glasses, laser protective glasses used in different occasions are very different, so not only in the application, but also in the selection of selection criteria to pass , So please use our products with care, not only to be beautiful in wearing, but also to make endless dedication to the protection of both eyes. The suitable protective glasses will become our first choice.
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