Facing various questions on protective gear

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-28
There are many types of protective gears. Different protective gears have different protective functions and different methods of use. Faced with a variety of protective gears, in the process of use, if they are not careful, they will become dizzy and turn into one or more problems. After clearing these questions, we will answer them uniformly. 1. In winter, the temperature is relatively low, and fog will often appear in protective glasses. How to avoid it? ? ??A: The material development of protective glasses is quite special now. For this special occasion, anti-fog protective glasses can be selected. Its lenses have undergone a special process to effectively prevent the generation of fog. The price of anti-fog protective glasses will be slightly higher than ordinary protective glasses. ? ??2.How do myopic employees use protective glasses? ? ??A: You can choose to wear special safety glasses or goggles outside the correction glasses, such as Honeywell sports goggles. ? ??3. What kind of protective glasses are generally used in the case of SARS or the medical industry? ? ??A: The medical industry is quite special. Because there is a risk of blood or body fluid splash when contacting patients, it is recommended that you use goggles. Goggles have a higher level of protection against glasses than protective glasses. The most common goggle brands are 3M, Corta, the price is relatively high. ? ??4. Do I need to wear protective glasses when I wear a protective screen? ? ??A: It is recommended that you still need to wear protective glasses, because the protective face screen is used as secondary protection to protect the face from injury. Because there is a gap between the protective screen and the face, there is a risk of injury to the eyes. Therefore, we recommend that users wear appropriate protective glasses while using the protective screen to double protect the eyes. ? ??5. Where can I buy protective glasses? ? ??A: Protective eyewear is an industrial product. Most eyewear stores operate myopic glasses, so there are fewer ways to buy them. If necessary, you can directly contact Sid official customer service, as long as you tell the specific use occasions can recommend a practical protective glasses. ? ??6. Can ordinary UV protection glasses be used for welding? ? ??Answer: No. Although the UV protection glasses can protect 99% or more of the UV rays in the sun, they are only for the UV part. In addition to the ultraviolet rays, the arc light generated by the welding operation also has infrared IR and other visible light with very high intensity. The universal anti-ultraviolet protective glasses do not have the function of protecting these harmful lights, so they cannot play a protective role. Welding operators must choose special welding goggles for effective protection.
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