Does wearing protective glasses cause myopia

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-02-29
The main role of protective glasses is to protect the eyes under special circumstances, but sometimes people are worried about whether wearing the protective glasses for a long time will cause myopia. After all, protective glasses are also glasses. There is no doubt about this. And important organs need to attract everyone's attention at all times. At present, the goggles on the market are generally used to prevent impact, fog, or chemicals. Until now, there has been no precedent for wearing my goggles for a long time to cause myopia. However, after long-term wear, you should do some eye exercises to relax and protect your eyes. ? ??Prevention of myopia: ? ??1. Correct your eye habits; ? ??2.Less contact with electronic products harmful to eyesight; ? ??3. Learn to let the eyes rest and adjust: work at close distances and learn to rest the eyes for at least 10-15 minutes per hour. At rest, you can gently close your eyes and meditate on the beautiful nature. You can also open your eyes and look into the distance or observe the distance Green plants ? ??4. Remind yourself that normal, natural, relaxed, and positive blinking; every relaxed natural blinking is equivalent to helping the eyes achieve an adjustment, which helps maintain vision, especially when working at close distances; it can also make tears Timely and evenly distributed to the front surface of the cornea, moisten the cornea, and prevent dry eye; normal people blink about 18 times per minute, do you do it? ? ??5, pay attention to diet, eat less sugar, refined starches and other foods that are not good for vision protection, eat more fish, wolfberry, winter melon, carrots, spinach, broccoli and other foods that are good for vision protection. Conditions can be appropriately supplemented with lutein, carotene, cyanomycin and so on. ? ??6, to ensure adequate sleep, do more outdoor activities, more exposure to nature, and keep the whole body relaxed.
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