Department of Defense tests laser protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-12
Recently, the British Ministry of Defence is testing a laser goggles to protect pilots' eyes from laser radiation. The Defense Science and Technology Research Institute (Dstl) under the Ministry of Defense is collaborating with the National Defense Equipment and Support Agency to evaluate the special glasses. This kind of laser goggles can filter out harmful lasers in certain bands in the spectrum, including the common bands of laser weapons and laser pointers. According to the National Defense Science and Technology Research Institute, laser pens have a huge sales volume on the Internet. This kind of cheap laser will seriously interfere with the attention of pilots, causing a sharp increase in the number of air accidents. To this end, the British Ministry of Defense hopes to develop an advanced protection technology in order to mitigate this potentially deadly threat. Traditional laser goggles can only filter out a certain wavelength in the spectrum, and can only prevent certain harmful lasers from entering the eye. The newly developed prototype of protective goggles was developed by Thin Film Solutions in Glasgow. It can filter out a series of wavelengths of harmful lasers. It is more versatile and more flexible. The company uses a composite structure composed of a polycarbonate coating, coated with a special optical absorption material on the surface of the thin lens, which can reflect some specific wavelengths. The US Air Force also participated in this project, and conducted related tests in May 2011. The National Defense Science and Technology Research Institute is evaluating this protective glasses. It is said that this new product has some significant advantages compared with traditional protective glasses, but there are also some shortcomings. These shortcomings will be resolved in future development work . Subsequent tests such as optical performance and environmental adaptability tests will be conducted by the end of this year, and the anti-laser interference test will be conducted by Quinettik.
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