Comprehensive analysis of the four major errors

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-03
Myth # 1: Excimer laser surgery can improve vision to the extreme. wrong! Laser surgery can only make the recipient's vision close to the corrective power of wearing optical glasses, but it cannot be exceeded. If the vision corrected by laser surgery exceeds the vision corrected by optical glasses, the natural system of the eye will be destroyed, and the gains will be outweighed. Myth 2: Laser surgery can be done for myopia at any age. wrong! Adolescents under the age of 18 are incapable of receiving excimer laser surgery. Because their vision systems are not yet fully developed, doing so will affect the results. Although there is not much restriction on the upper age limit for surgery, the effect of surgery can be affected by problems such as presbyopia and cataracts when they are over 55 years old. ? Misunderstanding 3: Laser treatment of myopia is always available. Excimer laser treatment of myopia surgery is a perfect system engineering, which should be strictly controlled to choose the best treatment effect. The excimer laser irradiates the cornea of ??the eyeball, and photochemical action takes place, cutting the cornea in a small amount, changing the refractive power of the cornea, so as to achieve the purpose of correcting the power. The data to determine the operation method and the cutting amount are obtained by strict preoperative examination. Therefore, preoperative mydriasis refraction and recheck refraction the next day are very necessary. In addition, check the fundus, if there is a lesion, it is not suitable for surgery. Another measure of intraocular pressure is to exclude patients with glaucoma. Therefore, patients with excimer laser treatment of myopia need to go to the hospital for examination one day in advance, and do n’t believe in 'waiting for computer optometry' Myth # 4: Excimer laser correction surgery for myopia can cure other eye diseases. Myopia is caused by refractive error. Laser correction surgery for myopia is to correct the refractive power by cutting the cornea. It can not be used to treat other eye diseases. Therefore, the recipient's eyes must be free of other eye diseases.
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