Color selection of protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-03-01
There are many types of protective glasses. When we need to choose protective glasses, we often find that in addition to the many types of protective glasses, there are many colors of the lenses that are worn with glasses. What effect does it have? Chroma selection tips for protective glasses: ? The first thing to make clear is that the color of protective glasses has nothing to do with its own function. Some so-called protective glasses are only painted with a layer of color, and they lack a protective coating. ? Dust-proof glasses, impact-resistant glasses, and chemical-resistant glasses are generally made of flat and colorless lenses. If you have additional requirements, you can choose another one. ? Workers engaged in electric welding, gas welding, steelmaking and glass blowing should wear anti-arc radiation glasses. The color of the lens of the arc-proof radiation glasses is dark or light. When selecting, it should be properly selected according to the intensity of the arc light during the operation. The intensity of the arc light and the color should be deep; on the contrary, light-colored lenses should be selected. Failure to do so can cause vision impairment. ? As for the general anti-glare protective glasses, you can choose the appropriate chromaticity, as long as you don't feel glare when you look directly at the light, and the color will not be too dark to affect the field of vision.
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