Choose the right laser safety glasses for laser hair removal

Choose the right laser safety glasses for laser hair removal

As a laser hair removal device user, would you like to know how to choose laser safety glasses for yourself or your customers?

The safest and most effective means of hair removal

As one of the safest and most effective hair removal treatments, laser hair removal has been able to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal. Since 1997, Wellman Medical Optics Laboratory has been using semiconductor laser hair removal devices for clinical treatment. The laser hair removal technology has been developed for more than 20 years. Using the principle of selective photothermal action, melanin in the hair follicle can absorb the laser of a certain wavelength, and the laser can accurately and selectively remove hair with melanin as the target, safely and effectively.

ATD laser protective glasses

Laser hair removal can harm your eyes

Laser hair removal is one of the safest and most effective hair removal treatments at present. This does not mean that it will not cause harm to our eyes. As a doctor or technician, both you and your customers should wear laser safety glasses when using laser hair removal equipment.

There are many kinds of laser that can be used for hair removal, the most classic is the wavelength of 800nm,810nm semiconductor laser hair removal, as well as IPL (Intense pulsed light) hair removal, different types of laser on hair removal effect and the suitable people are also different. Here we will discuss several types of lasers used in hair removal and how to choose the appropriate laser safety glasses for these lasers.

Choose appropriate laser hair removal safety glasses

Choose the right goggles based on the wavelength of the laser used in the laser hair removal device. Also, as a physician and operator, consider whether the visible light transmittance of the glasses is appropriate. In general, the higher the protective effect for a particular wavelength, the lower the visible light transmittance, and the lower the visible light transmittance is, the additional light source is required to provide illumination.

GTY laser protective glasses

ruby laser

ruby laser: the wavelength is 694nm, which is the shortest laser hair removal in clinical practice. Choose red/ruby laser safety glasses for protection against 600-700nm lasers. Typically visible light transmittance is 30% for high protection and 50% for slightly low protection.

alexandrite laser

alexandrite laser: wavelength of 755nm, is the most widely used laser hair removal in clinical, suitable for all parts of the hair, especially for lips, hairline, and other special parts. The alexandrite/Diodes laser safety glasses were selected for protection against 740-850nm lasers with a typically visible light transmittance of 40%.

Nd: YAG laser

Nd: YAG laser: wavelength 1064nm, has an obvious hair removal effect, especially coarse black hair.YAG laser safety glasses are selected to protect the 800-1100nm laser with the highest protection effect for 1060-1070nm, and the visible light transmittance is as high as 60%.

IPL laser

IPL: is a discontinuous, multi-wavelength combination of light sources, its essence is a kind of incoherent ordinary light rather than laser. Intensity pulsed light is a kind of light with an unstable wavelength of 500 ~ 1200nm. Special IPL laser safety glasses are needed to filter out various wavelengths of light visible to human eyes. The transmittance rate of visible light is generally lower than 10%.

semiconductor laser

semiconductor laser: semiconductor laser is currently the most clinical application of laser hair removal, the wavelength of 800nm or 808nm.

Choose 808nm laser safety glasses to protect against 800-830nm lasers. Typically visible light transmittance is around 35%.

The last

This article describes laser hair removal and most of the common lasers used for cosmetic hair removal. If you work in laser hair removal, it is very important to use the right laser safety goggles if you want to be safe and protect your eyes. If you are looking for laser safety goggles or laser hair removal goggles, please contact us if you are unsure of your laser type or which laser safety goggles to purchase. Our team of laser experts will make sure you get the right glasses to ensure your safety and provide you with the best laser safety advice.

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