Choose the details of laser protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-18
? Everyone knows that laser protective glasses play an important role in many cases. In fact, when choosing laser protective glasses, there are many considerations, because it is not that we choose a laser protective glasses will suit everyone. We should pay attention to several details when choosing, so that it is convenient to choose the protective glasses that suit us. ? 1. The laser protective eyeglasses used must be qualified by the product inspection agency. ? 2. The filter and protective film of the welding goggles must be selected and replaced according to the specified operation. ? 3. Roughly worn lenses and damaged frames will affect the vision of the operator and should be replaced in time. ? 4. The width and size of laser protective glasses should be suitable for the user's face. ? 5. Laser protective glasses should be used by designated persons to prevent infectious eye diseases. ? 6. Prevent heavy falls and pressure, and prevent hard objects from rubbing lenses and masks.
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