Can laser protective glasses be used permanently

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-23
Laser glasses are also known as laser protective glasses, laser protective glasses, and laser goggles. So, can laser protective glasses be used permanently? The safety of laser glasses is directly related to the health of the human eye, and there is no room for failure, so try to use laser glasses with relevant safety certifications. Laser protective glasses can protect the laser and strong light of a specific wave band in all directions. If the lens is not scratched seriously or the lens is not damaged, it can be used for a long time. You should know that even low-dose laser irradiation can cause serious damage to the cornea or retina. Moreover, the damage of the laser to the human eye is cumulative, not obvious at first, and it is too late to find out. Therefore, protection should start now and do n’t forget! Laser protective glasses selection guide: 1. Laser parameters: output wavelength (whether it is multiple wavelengths), pulse width, power density. 2. The optical density OD of the laser goggles, the greater the OD value, the stronger the protective ability of the laser goggles. 3. L level of laser protective glasses, the higher the L level, the stronger the laser protection ability 4. Visible light transmittance, the higher the transmittance, the smaller the visual impact. The transmittance of some laser protective glasses will be less than 20%, or even up to about 5%. At this time, it is necessary to consider adding auxiliary lighting. 5. The style of laser protective glasses: laser glasses can not be worn on the outside of myopia glasses. Is the size of laser protective glasses appropriate? Can the laser protective glasses effectively block the reflected and refracted light from all directions. The main symptoms of laser injury accidents: Workers' eyes will be affected for a long time in the laser operating environment. When operating and using the laser, even if it is not directly irradiated by the laser, it may cause injury accidents. However, the rays reflected by the laser are reflected by other objects or walls, and the incidence of cataracts is extremely high in people who have been working in this environment for a long time. When the accident happened, most of the injured people felt a sudden flash of light in front of them, and then a light spot or shadow of different colors and different sizes appeared, and some people's eyes had a sense of impact. At the same time, their eyesight declined to varying degrees, and the severe ones could not Distinguish the objects in front of your eyes, and some eyes and photophobia appear for several hours after injury.
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