Are welding protective glasses useful?

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-27
Protective glasses are protective articles that prevent toxic gases, liquids, solids, radiation, etc. from damaging the eyes during industrial production and scientific experiments to ensure eye health and safety. Among the workers engaged in industrial production, some workers need to wear glasses to operate, in order to protect the workers' eyes from the harmful factors generated during the operation. So, are welding goggles useful? Welding protective glasses are very useful, and can effectively block the strong ultraviolet rays generated during welding. The luminosity of the visible light of the welding arc can be 10,000 times greater than the luminosity of the light that the human eye can normally withstand. The strong visible light will burn the retina and cause dizziness retinitis. At this point, you will feel pain in the eyes, visual membranes, and dark spots in the center, which will recover after a period of time. Repeated action over a long period of time will gradually reduce vision. Precautions for protective glasses: (1) Select and wear protective glasses of appropriate size to prevent them from falling off and shaking during operation and affecting the use effect. (2) The spectacle frame and the face should match to avoid side light leakage. If necessary, use glasses with eye protection or anti-sidelight type. (3) Protect the face mask and glasses from moisture and pressure to avoid deformation, damage or light leakage. The welding mask should be insulated to prevent electric shock. (4) When working with mask-type goggles, replace the protective sheet at least once in a total of 8 hours. When the filter of the protective glasses is damaged by the splash, it should be replaced in time. (5) When the protective sheet and the filter are used in combination, the refractive power of the lens must be the same. (6) For air-supply welding masks with dustproof and anti-toxic masks, they should be maintained and used in strict accordance with the relevant regulations. First aid measures for light-wound eyes caused by electric welding: If you look at the welding arc without wearing protective glasses for a long time, your eyes will be stimulated by the strong ultraviolet rays in the arc, which will cause electro-optic ophthalmia, that is, the arc is commonly called 'hit' the eyes. ① After the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia, the simple emergency back application is to use human milk or fresh milk that has been cooked and cooled to apply eye drops to relieve pain. The method of use is to start every few minutes. As the symptoms alleviate, the time to order human milk or milk can be extended appropriately. ② You can also use a towel soaked in cold water to apply your eyes, rest your eyes closed.
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