Application of laser protective glasses

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-17
Eye is the most sensitive organ of human body to laser. Due to the characteristics of the laser, the energy can be highly concentrated in space and time. Due to the focusing effect with the lens of the eye, the laser protective glasses make the energy of the retina irradiated by the laser on a unit area nearly 100,000 times higher than the corresponding corneal incidence. The laser monochromaticity is very good, and the color difference on the fundus is very small. Because the pulsed laser injury is much faster than the blink reflex (the human eye blink reflex time is usually 150-250ms, and the pulse laser can be as short as 10ms), plus extreme moments, in a very small area, the energy Concentrated release, even low-dose laser irradiation can cause serious damage to the cornea or retina. Injured by laser, mild lesions of retinal edema edema lesions, gray-white, course of disease for 1-2 weeks, edema subsided. In severe cases, retinal burns, holes, and bleeding will occur. The course of disease is 3-4 weeks. Once the bleeding is absorbed, the laser protective glasses leave pigmentation and form bruises. When the area of ??the lesion involves the macular area, vision is severely reduced. Quite a few people's vision drops below 0.1. Long-term effects on workers' eyes in the laser operating environment. When operating and using the laser, even if it is not directly irradiated by the laser, it may cause injury accidents. However, the rays reflected by the laser are reflected by other objects or walls, and the incidence of cataracts is extremely high in people who have been working in this environment for a long time. When the accident occurred, most of the injured people felt a sudden flash of light in front of their eyes. Laser protective glasses then appeared a light spot or shadow of different colors and different sizes, and some people's eyes had a sense of impact. The objects in front of the eyes cannot be distinguished within a certain time, and some of them appear dizzy and photophobic for hours after injury.
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