8 harmful toxic glasses are you still letting

by:LASERRPAIR     2020-06-16
Is the child's eyes okay? Under normal circumstances, the child will be taken back for review in half a year. Because the child grows particularly fast, if the child grows 10 cm a year, does her head grow? Are your eyes long? The corresponding interpupillary distance will change, and you should check it regularly or replace the laser protective glasses. However, due to the misunderstanding of parents' glasses, many children wear toxic laser protective glasses passively. Ask what is 'poisonous' laser protective glasses. The laser protective glasses industry calls the expired laser protective glasses as 'toxic' laser protective glasses. In the daily fitting work, we find that many students are equipped with new laser protection After spectacles, after one to two years or even longer re-optometry, the result is a lot of serious vision problems, especially the consequences of wearing inferior laser protective glasses and expired laser protective glasses are no less than unqualified food and expired The harm of food to human body. Inferior laser safety glasses and expired laser safety glasses can cause different damage to eyesight. First, the four major injuries of inferior laser protective glasses. Inferior laser protective glasses not only refer to the production of rough and poor quality laser protective glasses, but also include the poor quality of laser protective glasses and optical centers. The optical center is cheap, and the photometric inaccuracy is not suitable for laser protective glasses. In general, inferior laser protective glasses have the following four major damages to human vision. 1. Inferior lens damage How to judge inferior laser protective glasses, inferior lenses are often accompanied by surface problems such as flame, scratches, stripes, and spirals, and such laser protective glasses can cause deformation and blurring of viewing objects, making people feel dizzy , Headache, nausea, etc. 2. The damage of the optical center of the lens is also important. If the optical centers of the two eyes are different, double images will appear, which will make the eye muscles lose balance and cause visual fatigue, strabismus, and amblyopia. 3. Inaccurate photometric damage. Accurate and appropriate photometric is a necessary step when matching laser protective glasses. If the equipped laser protective glasses do not meet human vision requirements, it will directly harm the patient and make the person wearing laser protective glasses feel strong. Headache or discomfort. 4. Inferior frame damage The inferior frame is made of rough, easily deformed, or even electroplated. Many problems, not only cause the optical center to move when wearing, but also cause double images, make the eye muscles lose balance, and cause visual fatigue, strabismus, and amblyopia. And other consequences. And some harmful plating can also cause skin irritation. 2. The four major injuries of expired laser protective glasses As the name implies, expired laser protective glasses refer to the laser protective glasses that have passed the accurate wearing cycle. Such laser protective glasses are often deformed due to the long wearing time, and the temples are discolored. , The lens is scratched, or because the child has grown up and is not suitable for the face, etc., which causes the following four injuries to the wearer. 1. Long-term undercorrection of laser protective glasses leads to an increase in eye power. Students wearing old glasses correct most of their visual acuity below 0.5. If a sudden increase in height leads to discomfort, optometrists can generally only correct low. There are many reasons for this. Most parents say that we do n’t know. The children did n’t tell clearly. The eyesight of the laser protective eyewear school is good. But the parents don't know, the children are afraid of the parents scolding, even if the degree is not enough, they dare not say it. In order to see the blackboard clearly, I tried my best. Squinting laser protective glasses, looking up or obliquely at the blackboard, and even looking for students to borrow high-level laser protective glasses. There is really no way to have to talk to parents about new laser protective glasses. The result is that I don't know if I don't check, and I am shocked. Most children have refractive complications such as deepening the degree too fast or even strabismus. Some can only be corrected low due to adaptation problems, but this way the students are not focused, their memory is reduced, and their grades are eventually reduced. 2. Lens wear seriously hurts the eyes Many students wear seriously worn lenses for a long time without replacement, resulting in serious blurred vision. The main reason is that students do not pay attention to the protection of laser protective glasses at ordinary times, and accidentally cause scratches on the lenses when they are randomly placed or exercise. Often the price of a pair of students' lenses is relatively high, and they have many functions, and parents are reluctant to replace them. Because many parents do not know or are reluctant to lead students to live in the clouds, it is really sad. 3. The deformation of laser protective glasses seriously affects eyesight. Many students are often seen wearing severely deformed laser protective glasses. Some of them fall under the nose like reading glasses, and they have to look up to the sky when walking. When I was playing, I was hit or stepped on by my classmates, and I continued to wear it at random. We all know that the optical center of the lens must be aligned with the center of the pupil, otherwise it will easily cause strabismus, leading to symptoms such as visual fatigue. The problem is that students are very tolerant in this area, and generally don't want to go to the laser protective eyewear store to adjust. 4. Binocular anisometropia leads to eye hazards. Every three months to six months, students regularly go to regular laser protective glasses fitting institutions to review. Some students usually do not review it, although both eyes can see 1.0. In fact, I do n’t know. Sometimes one eye can see 1.0, and the other eye often has poor vision correction. It's just that in normal life, good vision correction is used. Poor laser protective glasses are basically not used and can't be seen by both eyes. If you continue to wear it for a long time, the anisometropia of the laser protective glasses will continue to increase, and eventually the laser protective glasses will not adapt or even amblyopia.
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